CWDa is a recent endeavor to work directly with clients and users on projects of a more intimate scale.  


C W Dorin architecture was created out of several needs simultaneously. The first was a return to the direct relationship between the designer and the client, ideally the end user. Larger projects are controlled by the needs and wants of those with money and power, with little regard for the end user or the public involved. Small projects generally combine the client and the user, or at least the user is integral to the design.

Another need was for a thoughtful listener and careful designer, who is patient with clients who want their voices heard. Client meetings are always free, so we can get to everything without feeling rushed.

Perhaps one of the most important needs was for the services of an architect to be within reach of everyone, regardless of income. While the fees are generally consistent, there are ways we can work together to get costs reduced.

Lastly, it's the twenty-first century. Electronic drawings, records, communications, and billing are integral to one another. Want an instant answer? Send me a text message! I’m (almost) always available.


The passion for architecture began before the word itself could be spelled.

Yes, the actual scribble from age 5. [Thank you Mom for saving  every  bit of paper from my childhood.]

Yes, the actual scribble from age 5. [Thank you Mom for saving every bit of paper from my childhood.]


Christopher W Dorin, PA, LEED BD+C, is an architect, designer, and urbanist with 18 years of experience in residential architecture, passive solar design, master planning, and sustainable systems. He has an extensive professional background with work in a variety of fields through built and speculative work, including residential, K-12 education, retail, non-profits, multifamily residential, and adaptive reuse.

Christopher grew up in New England and has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Mississippi State University (2000) where he studied vernacular design and community-based architecture & planning. He now lives in the Buckman neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. You might find him in one of the many, great vegan restaurants in Portland, or wandering the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest.