A place of beauty and inspiration in a forgotten neighborhood.


'Farish Street' takes its name from Walter Farish, a freed slave who settled in the neighborhood around the 1880’s. The Farish Street Historic District is one of the few historically black districts listed on the National Register, built by former slaves. As part of an effort to revitalize the street and beautify the Farish Street Baptist Church, this low zig-zag wall was designed to create 'story circles' along the sidewalk for small gatherings. Rectangular insets are provided in the wall for the installation of sculpted relief plaques, and circular spaces are provided in the sidewalk for the installation of tile mosaics. Two steel gates were designed with the abstracted form of children holding hands.

Services: co-design, construction documents, steel fabrication


Looking north, sign wall and street trees

Looking south, story circles and wall

South gate and sign wall